Urban Lighting Consultants

Rochester Castle

Our replacement lighting scheme for Rochester Castle is complete and involved excavation around the keep plotted carefully to avoid known roman archaeology.
The castle has been lit internally and externally using a range of different LED based lighting in custom designed housings and enclosures.
We plan to write a series of articles on our approach to the design, implementation and commissioning of this scheme so keep a look out for further information.
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Working to illuminate a building of national historical, architectural and archaeological importance has been a privilege and a responsibility.
Scheduled Monument Consent was required prior to the works being carried out and a watching brief and supervision of the works was required by an appointed archaeologist and English Heritage's Scheduled Monument Inspector.
From the initial discussions over our approach to lighting the castle to the installation of electrical distribution and controls, our approach has been one of the utmost care. Whilst our lighting scheme has been designed with a service life in excess of 20 years, the castle has and will far outlast this.
With this in mind our approach is archaeological. Our scheme could be removed entirely without any adverse impact on the historic fabric.
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