Urban Lighting Consultants

Margate Harbour

We were pleased to be appointed by the Margate Renewal Partnership to implement s series of projects. The projects were described in a lighting design strategy that we prepared for the seafront.
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As an element of a wider renaissance of Margate including the development and opening of the Turner Contemporary Gallery, we implemented a series of projects focussed on creating visual memories and enhancing the atmosphere of the seafront.

Four of these projects were focussed on the Napoleonic Harbour Arm and included the illumination of the Lighthouse at the end of the Harbour Arm, the Droit House at the landward end, safety lighting to highway standard from existing handrails and a decorative array creating long colour rippling reflections at high tide.
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Another project provided a series of bespoke, impact modified acrylic, light fittings in a newly paved area adjacent to a row of waterfront cafes and restaurants. The robust cubes are self colouring and virtually invisible by day. at night they emit a soft white glow in a random array woven into the fan shaped paving pattern.