Urban Lighting Consultants

Bespoke light fittings

We make, supply and install light fittings, usually as part of a project commission, but also for sale. We started to make things because we couldn’t find a robust, reliable and adaptable fitting for projects we were working on. Below are two examples of fittings we make along with an explanation of how they came about.


Pixel is a Rectangular light fitting made of impact modified acrylic. it contains a low wattage LED light source and has been manufactured in a variety of sizes. Pixel replaces a traditional Paviour or block in a paved area, whether this is flexible paving or mortared paving, Pixel is flexible and is designed to have the same dimensions as a standard block.
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Pixel by Urban Projects in West Street, Horsham
If you would like to know more about a particular project or want to discuss an opportunity please call us.