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Pixel is a Rectangular light fitting made of impact modified acrylic. We made Pixel because we could not find a system that could easily integrate with a wide variety of paving styles and that would offer a low cost low maintenance solution for decorative in ground lighting.

Pixel replaces a traditional Paviour or block in a paved area, whether this is flexible paving laid on sharp sand or mortared paving.

  • Fully sealed against water and dust
  • direct replacement for paving units
  • low burial and ducting depth
  • 12V DC
  • Serviceable
  • LED light source
  • Available in 40 colours
Pixel contains a low wattage LED light source and has been manufactured in a variety of sizes. Pixel replaces a traditional Paviour or block in a paved area. whether this is flexible paving or mortared paving, Pixel is flexible and is designed to have the same dimensions as a standard block. Pixel is fully sealed. By day Pixel is translucent and barely visible, by night it provides a transformation.
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120 Pixels were added to West Street in Horsham as part of a paving refurbishment. These fittings were made in Lilac and Gold and replaced a standard Marshalls Tegula Block
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