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Since 1997 Urban Projects has developed interesting and unique lighting solutions for historic buildings, urban spaces and for light based art installations. We offer a full range of lighting services from concept to calculation, manufacture to maintenance. You can find out more by following the links here or get in touch.

Interactive Urban Lighting

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We create interactive colour changing floorscapes. We manufacture, supply, install and commission them. Click on the links in the project section to see more or see examples in Plymouth, Gravesend, Swansea, Gillingham, and Stockton.
Our floorscapes can be triggered by human presence, tides, text messages, web based data such as meteorology and share prices.

Historic Buildings

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Many of our schemes are for listed buildings and scheduled monuments. Amongst these are Canterbury Castle, Dover Castle and The Royal Pavilion, Brighton. use the links above or get in touch to find out more.
Our lighting scheme for Rochester Castle is operational. For more information click here. We plan to write a series of articles on our approach to designing and implementing this scheme

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Bespoke light fittings

Often we find there is not a perfect product to put the right amount of light where we want it. In these cases we have developed light fittings using our expertise in materials and manufacturing techniques to create a lighting package that is robust, long lived and suited to the lighting task we wish to undertake.
We make small LED base projectors, see our schemes for Madeira Lift and Brighton Bandstand. These are milled from solid materials such as copper or aluminium and contain LED light engines, with precise optical control for output longevity and optimal photometric performance.

We make in ground lighting for our floorscapes and individual lights that can be easily and cost effectively integrated into paving.

Latest Projects and News

Barry Island
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New lighting scheme for Barry Island Promenade shelter.

Subtle waves of colour animate the seafront shelter and a runway effect of a contrasting colour flashes from end to end when anybody enters the shelter.
Exhibition Lighting, Livvy Fink - Artist
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Bespoke lighting for glasswork sculptures on exhibition at University of Cambridge institute of Astronomy. Livvy’s beautiful artworks contains ultraviolet powders visible when activated by UV light, then viewed in darkness.
Kings Road, Brighton
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Dynamic lighting for West Pier Arches retail units.

Waves of blue, sea green and white sweep along the new retail units on Brighton’s seafront. The animation changes according to sea levels and wind speed.
The Globe Theatre, Stockton
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New artwork outside the Globe Theatre in Stockton High Street. We have installed and commissioned a new artwork, which now awaits a new paving scheme and launch in the spring.

What we do

We advise on how light should be used in urban areas, developing strategies based on our urban analysis and lighting expertise.

This allows informed and sustainable lighting as a worthwhile, practical and desirable addition to towns and cities.

We help to improve legibility and navigation, community safety, economic development and civic pride.

What we create

We create unique lighting projects for interiors, buildings and spaces.

Our projects are unique, beautiful and easy to own whether they are designed with existing lighting products or created from scratch with our own bespoke lighting product design and manufacture.

Our schemes meet modern lighting standards and are highly energy efficient.

Find out more

Whilst the majority of our work is in town and city centres, we also advise retailers, hoteliers and offer a design service for your home.

We are happy to discuss any project idea or scheme in outline. Please call the office to discuss or fill out our contact form.

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